Selected Sermons

We have brought together a collection of sermons and teaching material from Daniel that has been presented in various countries and are happy to make it available here. We pray that as you hear the word of God your faith may grow and be strengthened.

Living Water Summercamp

Each year Living Water ministry organizes an inspirational camp meeting during the summer in Norway. These camps are highly appreciated and include dynamic messages, inspirational music, and a warm fellowship in some of the most stunning scenes of nature. We have made available the meetings from Living Water Summer Camp 2012-2018.

Finding Your Lifelong Friend

Marriage is one of the most important choices we make in life. Preparation for marriage involves more than detailing a beautiful wedding. Relationships are often entered into with high expectations towards the other. But the real question is: Are you who the person you are looking for is looking for? In this workshop you will discover key ingredients that will prepare you for an enjoyable lifelong relationship.

Immune to the Gospel

Why is it that the Christian world at large has become indifferent to the power and beauty of the gospel? How does it happen that we loose our focus and gradually find ourselves no longer impacted by the truth we once loved and lived for? We will take a serious look at the condition of Christianity as we put our finger on the pulse of our experience. Prepare to be challenged and revived to life through the power of the Word! This presentation was recorded at the IMPACT Scandinavia Youth Conference in Sweden.

Sharing Christ in Our Modern Age

Sharing Christ in our modern age can feel like an overwhelming task. Where do we start? How do we remove prejudice? Where do we find common ground? This seminar is designed to share proven ways in which you can engage modern thinkers and introduce them to Christ. Presented at the ASI Scandinavia Convention, January 2015.

[Re]capturing the Wonder of Adventism

“Recapturing the wonder of Adventism” invites you to experience the heartbeat of the Scriptures and enter into an extraordinary story written by the author of the universe, God Himself. The truths of Adventism portray the story, yet sometimes we fail to see the full picture. This series will challenge your thinking, enlarge your perspective, and inspire you to embrace what God wants you to do in your life today.

The Unhindered Gospel

What hinders you from experiencing the power of the gospel? Discover the simple, yet life-changing, truths of the gospel that have been passed down through the centuries. This series is based on the first half of the book of Romans, where the apostle Paul displays the gospel and its implications for our lives. The Unhindered Gospel-series was presented and recorded at the fall Week of Prayer at Fountainview Academy, Canada, 2013.

Certainty in Uncertain Times

This 12 part Bible Prophecy series was held in the United States in 2014. With a world spinning out of control many are wondering what is next on the horizon. “Certainty in Uncertain Times” delves into some amazing prophecies and shows how we can build our lives on truth that lasts.

Engaging the Age

“Engaging the Age: Reviving the Public Evangelistic Campaign” is a seminar that will seek to reclaim the exciting, challenging, effective, and divinely inspired way of evangelism, known as the Public Evangelistic Campaign. We will explore the theological, practical, and personal dimensions involved in organizing, preparing, and preaching an Evangelistic series. These presentations were recorded at GYC Europe in Linz, Austria, 2012.

The Unknown God

This 10 part Bible series was held in New Zealand in 2012. With a focus on what it means to be a true follower of Christ this series unmasks some of the deceptive roads of spirituality around us and points us to the path marked out by Jesus Christ.

For Such a Time...

This 11 part Bible series was held in Canada in 2011. Covering a wide variety of subjects this series delves into our need of a personal relationship with Christ in the midst of the fulfilling prophecies around us.

Daniel and Revelation

This 13 part Bible Prophecy series was held in New Zealand in 2011. This series goes through the book of Daniel in the Old Testament and Revelation in the New Testament. Chapter by chapter and verse by verse the ancient stories and prophecies come alive.