Dear friends,

As we are drawing towards the end of 2015 we want to take this opportunity to thank God as we look back on this year. We also want to thank you for your prayers, support, and encouragement along the way. There is truly much to be grateful for!

We started this year as fresh parents and the journey of parenthood has so far been an exciting one. Though there have been enough sleepless nights and other challenges that most parents will be able to relate to, we are so grateful for the many beautiful lessons God is teaching us from day to day. His love has become more real for me this last year than ever before. Sometimes life experiences do what books can’t do.

Airplanes and suitcases have also been part of 2015. It’s rewarding to think back on all the new friends we have made and the events we have been privileged to be part of including mission schools, youth conferences, and evangelistic outreach efforts. This year we ministered in the following countries: Sweden, Germany, Finland, Latvia, Kenya, Iceland, the Netherlands, and of course Norway. Finland and Iceland were completely new countries for me and it was so inspiring to see what God is doing in these corners of the globe!

During my mission trip to Kenya last summer I got a call from Norway offering me a one year position as pastor / evangelist in Bergen SDA church (west coast of Norway). I remember the very night that followed many thoughts were running through my mind. I could not sleep and so I started reading a book that I had received that very day. It was a book about prayer entitled “Daring to ask for more” written by Melanie Mason. I literally read and prayed throughout that night and had this renewed sense of the importance to bring everything before God and to this with a confidence, knowing we serve the King of the universe. I realized my prayers had often lacked the boldness that I would see in scripture. Sometimes we become complacent while God has so much more to offer. I felt overwhelmed by God’s goodness as he was calling me into a deeper relationship with Him.

After much prayer and consideration we decided to move to Bergen. We have experienced a warm welcome by our brothers and sisters in the faith. It is inspiring to be part of a project over a longer period of time and see the progress. Our vision for our time in Bergen is to reach as many people as possible with the good news of the gospel. The church is located in a central place and weekly visitors attend the services. We seek to have an evangelistic focus in all we do so new people can experience the joy of knowing Jesus and be part of a vibrant fellowship. During the last weeks we have been studying the first Christians in the book of Acts. It has been an exciting journey as we have discovered what moved and empowered these individuals to change the world.

Last but not least we want to let you know about next years Living Water summer camp. Year after year more and more people have been attending these gatherings and the feedback has been extremely positive. Last summer was again a highlight with many people committing and recommitting their lives to Christ. All the messages are available – click to listen!

Again a big thank you for all your prayers & support. We want to wish you a very blessed holiday season and a Spirit filled New Year!

Many Blessings,

Daniel & Silvia & Elias