# 1: The Disillusionment of the Age

We are living in a world of failed expectations. Is there any source of certainty to navigate our way through life? Do we have a compass that unfailingly points us in the right direction? Discover how the Bible can be trusted based on the evidence of history, internal consistency, prophecy, and the power of changed lives.

# 2: Broken Promises

In a world where man’s promises mean so little, we find in Scripture promises that have stood the test of time. These promises center in the person Jesus Christ. An amazing prophecy in Daniel chapter 9 pinpoints the arrival of the promised Messiah. Find out whether Jesus was an impostor or really the one He claimed to be.

# 3: A Chaotic World – Where is God?

If God is a God of love, why is there so much suffering in our world today? Millions throughout time have asked this classical question. Tucked between the stories, parables, and prophecies of the Bible we find revealing truths that open our minds to the reality of a universal conflict between good and evil that brings us closer to answering this question.

# 4: A New World Order

Is a one-world government mere fiction, or is it becoming a reality? And if it is, what are the implications? By examining an ancient prophecy that was given hundreds of years before Christ, we can trace the nations and their developments up until today, revealing startling facts about the present attempts to unite and control the world.

# 5: Has Religion Failed?

For many, Christianity has become powerless and been reduced to mere forms and traditions. Prophecy and history, hand in hand, reveal how and why this has occurred. A journey through the formation, followed by the deformation, and, finally, the reformation of Christianity looks at where religion failed and its implications for us today.

# 6: Your Picture of God

In the Scriptures, God pictures Himself as the potter and us as the clay, revealing His desire to fashion us in His image. The picture has been twisted and man is now forming God in his own image. How do we know what God is really like? Where do we learn about His character?

# 7: Finding Rest

In our stressed-out world we are searching for rest. Right in the creation story we find a remarkable gift from God that, when accepted, changes our lives altogether. Discover the path to true rest physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.

# 8: Conflicting Worldviews

Greek philosophy swept through the Roman Empire during the first century. It has impacted and influenced our western society in major ways. How does it contrast with the Judeo-Christian worldview? With what kind of glasses are we viewing the Scriptures and the world around us?

# 9: Who is the Next Superpower?

Bible Prophecy reveals the rise of a power that will seek to dominate the world just prior to the Second Coming of Jesus. The book of Revelation reveals astonishing facts about this power and its infliction of the mark of the beast. Find out what the mark of the beast is and how to escape it.

# 10: A Covenant of Peace

God wants a personal relationship with us, revealed in His covenant of peace. And yet the covenant theme in the Bible has often been misunderstood and misapplied, resulting in confusion rather than peace. A panoramic picture of the two covenants in Scripture lifts the cloud of fog on this subject, inviting us into a relationship that changes our lives forever.

# 11: The Rise of Occultism

What happens when a person dies? Can we contact the dead? Is there more between heaven and earth? And is the increasing interest in the supernatural harmless? With the rise of spiritualism and occultism these are crucial questions that the Bible has crucial answers for.

# 12: A Legacy of Rome

During the Dark Ages, Rome gathered money by selling indulgences as it upheld the belief of an eternally burning hell. Protestantism at large bought into this doctrine, but the question is if it has any foundation in the Scriptures. A fresh look at the hot topic of hell reveals a new picture of God.

# 13: Who Will Make it Right?

Humanity faces momentous challenges on a global level, but we all personally face our own set of challenges as well. The question remains: Who will make it right? Moving beyond the clichés of Christianity, we find the answer in the heart of the gospel message.

# 14: Power from Above

Jesus promised His followers the power of the Holy Spirit. In our world, we find a counterfeit power at work. Spiritual discernment is crucial. How do we discern between the spiritual movements engulfing the planet? And how do we receive the true gift from God?

# 15: The Journey of Israel

Eyes are on the Middle East as unrest continues to unfold. Bible prophecy gives a panoramic picture of Israel throughout time. The Old Testament is full of promises regarding a restored people of God. Who are they?

# 16: A People of Prophecy

With thousands of Christian denominations, how do we know which one is the right one? Bible Prophecy reveals a special movement with a special message at a special time.

# 17: A Panorama of Prophets

God sent prophets throughout history to be a voice for Him in this world. Jesus warned that false prophets would arise in the end of time. How do we discern between a true and false prophet?

# 18: The temple of God

Modern science confirms the simple facts revealed in the Bible regarding our physical health. The Scriptures tell us that our body is a temple of God. It gives us clues how we can gain an optimal health physically, mentally, and spiritually. Discover the choices you can make to live abundantly.

# 19: Beyond Tomorrow – A Prophetic Glimpse into the Future

The last chapters of the book of Revelation describe vividly the final battle that will take place, but also give us a spectacular picture of how God will finally restore this planet.

# 20: A Search for Truth

When Pilate stood before Jesus just before His crucifixion, he asked Jesus the most important question he could have ever asked: “What is truth?” Sadly he did not stay around to hear the answer. Sometimes we miss truth at the most crucial moments in life. Discover how you can make sure you will not miss a thing!