Living Water ministry is all about sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Daniel, as international speaker, has travelled the world sharing relevant and engaging topics from the scriptures. He is director and speaker of Living Water ministry. His dynamic and logical way of presenting has inspired young and old. Though originally born in New Zealand to Dutch parents, Daniel has spent most of his life in Europe, and now lives with his wife, Silvia, in Norway.

Silvia was born and raised in Norway where she at a young age gave her life to Christ. She has served in ministry through a variety of ways, including giving personal Bible studies, health lectures, and conducting Christian programs for children.

Living Water ministry is involved in sharing the gospel through personal Bible studies, public seminars, revival meetings, training and discipleship programs, and more.


If you would like to invite Daniel and Silvia to speak at your church or event you can fill in a speaker request form. This will help us determine how we can serve best. Your request will be prayerfully considered.